• Awakened
genre Does your project need an orchestral masterpiece for its soundtrack? Maybe an intense rock anthem? A classical interlude? An EDM intro for your channel?

It makes no difference to me, I like making music, not matter what form it has.

You do not need to worry about asking me if I can do the specific flavor you need.

I have everything covered.
application Oftentimes I get asked if I can make songs that loop perfectly, if I can send separate sounds from the song to the customer, if I am able to create separate levels of intensity for use in video games.

I absolutely can. I use state of the art equipment and I understand the needs of specific branches of the entertainment industry.

Just tell me what the purpose of the music is and I will design it for that purpose specifically.
application When you ask me to score your project, tell me everything about what you want it to be like.

As an example, when I create music for video games, most of the time the customer wants the soundtrack to take inspiration from another game, perhaps the favourite game of the client.

That is perfectly fine with me. I have all the ability to get inspired by other pieces of music while creating something completely unique in the process.

I have also had a request where for a film, the customer wanted all songs in the soundtrack to include a melody they provided.

Great concept! I included it in such a way that it created a great sense of cohesion for the entire movie, while each song was still very different from the others.

Tell me absolutely everything you have in mind for the soundtrack.

I listen to every suggestion, it is your music after all.
application Each and every song I make begins with a basic concept.

This concept is created after I internalize all the suggestions you give me. When the concept is made, it gets sent to you for review.

Do not like the concept? I make a different one based on your directions. The concepts are short pieces of music which display every feature the final composition will have.

When you are satisfied with the concept provided, you purchase the track from me, and I finalise it and bring every part of it to perfection.
application I am a huge fan of the indie scene and I realize the customer might have a low budget.

That is no problem at all.

I offer ways to scale down the price to your budget. With my experience in making music I have a perfect idea about how to make a soundtrack within a short time frame while maintaining my seal of quality.

It might not be a Mozart piece, but it still will be an excellent composition of its own kind.
application Harkening back to the previous point, there are countless contests where my clients have to make their projects within a short time frame.

I have the means to work that quickly and I have fulfilled such requests in the past with excellent results.

Therefore, no matter what your time constraints are, get in touch with me.

I have even made some great pieces of music within a day.