• Solitude

Basic bio.
Bits of (useless) information.

Basically, I am a person.

I grew up in a tiny Bohemian village in the South.

I always had the desire to keep moving forward, to see more of what the world has to offer and a desire for novelty.

Luckily for me, when I was at the age of ten my parents decided to move to a city in the North of the Country which was huge in comparison.

I got to use the Internet for the first time in my life - something entirely mindblowing for me at the time.

And it still is, to a degree.

Being in the vicinity of a music store and the ability to research things online, I decided to take up learning guitar.

I was not too interested in making any music of my own, I just wanted to learn to play all those cool songs I loved.

Time went by, and I easily went through elementary and high school education.

I was set on becoming a Software Engineer, since I have always loved math, science and technology and I needed to be intelectually engaged and learn new interesting concepts.

So I started studying IT at a local college, but as I was about to finish my first year I realized it is not exactly what I can see myself doing for the rest of my life, because I was hit by the immense urge to create things.

Things of artistic value that people can just enjoy without any prerequisites.

I dropped out, got a minimum wage job which provided me with the resources to pursue my musical career.

I purchased a hardware sequencer/synthesizer which taught me the basic of synthesis and songwriting.

As I reached the limits of its capabilities,it had stopped being productive to the growth of my skills, I bought more gear, a full fledged keyboard synthesizer, various effect pedals, an audio interface and so on.

Like every other musician, the desire to upgrade my equipment never left me.

I started doing free composition work online here and there to push myself into more challenges.

And as I amassed massive amounts of music theory and overall production knowledge, my skills grew to the level where I could create full fledged pieces of industry standard quality and slowly started charging for my work.

Again, time went by, and I realized I do not have to put up with my full time job and neither do I have the time for it anymore, so I quit and became a full time freelance composer.

And now I am here, writing this text.