• Solitude

Basic bio.
Bits of (useless) information.

About myself?

Born in Czechia (formerly Czechoslovakia) in 1993.
Born in a no-name town in a no-name country.

You might expect I come from a highly musical background. Not at all! My family line had a gift for completely avoiding contact with musical instruments.

And I would have likely ended that way as well, I was headed for a software engineering career after all. Mathematics and science, all I ever cared about.

But fate had other plans all along, it turns out. The very essence that drew me to logical sciences is actually most abundant in music.
Numbers, patterns, complex relations, and highly rational order, all of that permeates the musical aether!

Which is how musical thought invaded my mind. Thus I am no artist - more of a musical scientist. I perform research, experiment, thereupon form logical conclusions. These allow me to write my "theses".

Yes, musical compositions are like theses, theses on themes ranging from very concrete to absolutely abstract. Which is the ultimate strength of music as an art form - the power to directly convey abstract notions to the audience, whereas other forms of writing would fall short.

My life quest is to venture forth and find out just how far can this science and art be taken.
Just how strange and remarkable places can these sonic wonders take us to.
To boldly go where no man has gone before!

Thus and thus, you can think of me as a scientist, poet, or explorer.

My name is Adam Alake, and I am a music composer.